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Business Plans for Loan Applications & Other Financial Funds

The completed business plan can be used as an essential part of any application for a loan or investment from one of the many government sponsored funds in the country.
The State Guaranteed Fund for Small Business:
The state of Israel offers loans to small businesses under one of two loans:
  1. Working capital loan for growing businesses with cash flow shortfalls
  2. Investment Loan for the launch of new businesses or expansion of an existing ones.
These loans are offered by banks to small businesses and judged on the basis of financial justification. The loan can be given for a period of up to five years
  • Credit Limit  – Up to 500,000 NIS for a single busines.
  • Loan Period – up to five years, including 6 months grace, and 55 repayments
  • Interest – Index – adjusted, Shekel, or Dollar-adjusted – according to market conditions The state acts as guarantor. Banks may request equity of up to 30% of the total loan amount in addition to which they will require personal guarantors for each of the company owners.
The State Guaranteed Fund for Medium Sized Businesses:
As part of a “Economic Recovery Program” and in order to encourage new businesses the Israeli government has established a state guaranteed loan, to be made available to medium sized businesses in Israel; as long as they are able to offer financial justification for receipt of the loan and demonstrate the potential to grow and provide new employment opportunities.
Purpose of the Loan:
The loan may be used for the purposes of developmental or operational business expansion; including the reimbursement of previous loans taken from others banks, as long as the credit sum being returned does not exceed 50% of the received loan.
Criteria for Receiving a Loan:
Companies must present a business plan that will be examined by specialists and the bank itself. The plan will be used to calculate the credit amount.
Companies are required to use private equity of up to 20% of the total loan amount which will be confirmed by the found credit committee. Businesses choosing to apply for this loan must show a total annual turnover, for the year previous to application, between 22 Million – 100 Million NIS.
Terms and Conditions:
The loan amount will not exceed 8% of the company’s total annual turnover in the year previous to application.
The loan period may not exceed 5 years including the year-long ‘grace’ period

What we offer

Implement GONOGO

Applied Business Plan

As an extension of the process of preparing an implementable business plan, we continue to walk alongside our clients until the targets described in the business plan have been obtained.

Premium GONOGO

Expanded Business Plan

In this premium plan we offer you the complete package on the way to implementing your business plan.


Full Business Plan

A complete and comprehensive business plan package that includes, among other things