It is very important to maintain flexibility of thought, not to lose Critical vision and ability to judge

The writing process

A business plan is an organizational “meta-document”, intended to plot a clear path for future operating activities of an established or new business, in both the long and short term.
Moreover, writing a business plan forces business managers and owners to sit down and think about questions such as: is this business advancing in the right way? What alternatives stand before the business? How to implement changes, and most importantly, what to expect as a result of these changes both professionally and financially.
Essentially, a business plan is a written presentation of all the various aspects related to your business, their implications and financial results. A business plan will include, among other things: a description of your business operations and product/service, an examination of the market within which you operate, a description of your product/service’s relative advantages, define milestones towards the development of your business, an analysis of operational aspects, consolidation of guidelines for marketing and sales strategies, a consideration of your organizational structure and human resources, an investment plan and finally the implication of all of the above alongside a profit/loss statement and cash flow forecast for the next few years of operation.
After completing a business plan the next stage, in most cases, is to begin looking for an investor. As part of its services GONOGO is launching a new project, specifically for our business plan clients – a forum for meeting investors with the intention of advancing your venture and helping you flesh it out.
At the monthly forum a general description of a number of ventures looking for investment will be presented to investors for scrutiny and advice. The ventures will be chosen by the GONOGO team based on in-house defined criteria. Similarly, the business plans chosen will also be presented to investors within the framework of meetings held by our Company for Investors looking for new ventures to invest in.

What we offer

Implement GONOGO

Applied Business Plan

As an extension of the process of preparing an implementable business plan, we continue to walk alongside our clients until the targets described in the business plan have been obtained.

Premium GONOGO

Expanded Business Plan

In this premium plan we offer you the complete package on the way to implementing your business plan.


Full Business Plan

A complete and comprehensive business plan package that includes, among other things