It is very important to maintain flexibility of thought, not to lose Critical vision and ability to judge

GONOGO introduces a new concept urging you to invest thought and focus on the first step that initiates every business process: writing the plan.
We believe that in order to produce an effective business plan, a deep understanding is required that combines a number of fields: economics, people, markets, technology and complex work systems, with a broad strategic view and understanding of the tactical moves.
Ignoring one of the fields could result in a faulty plan and this could lead to failure of the business concept
Differing from other parties, accountants and professionals from various fields who offer to write a business plan “by the way” – we believe in focusing. Our only occupation is creating business plans; we offer a comprehensive and professional solution for everything regarding the writing of the business plan.
All resources are focused on writing the most accurate and comprehensive plan, which compels us to focus, be professional, and be part of the business arena in real time.
The work process includes formulating and creating an overall business strategy and turning it into a work plan that will produce results and provide a sustainable competitive advantage in the business arena.
The GONOGO professional team has intensive experience of 15 years in the business arena, with a wide range of companies in the Israeli market.
Our business concept:
GONOGO regularly allocates 25% of its profits for investment purposes in business ideas that will be identified by the company as applicable and attractive.

What we offer

Implement GONOGO

Applied Business Plan

As an extension of the process of preparing an implementable business plan, we continue to walk alongside our clients until the targets described in the business plan have been obtained.

Premium GONOGO

Expanded Business Plan

In this premium plan we offer you the complete package on the way to implementing your business plan.


Full Business Plan

A complete and comprehensive business plan package that includes, among other things